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Rhonda has a way of blowing my doors clean off in 20 mins or less. I call her up with my question, it unravels, it's never what I think it is. My mind is blown and then there's a "Wait, there's more moment of stepping into something even more delicious". The energy flows and ripples through my body and I slide off my chair and end up in a puddle on the floor - laughing, happy, the tone of the day completely changed. I'm free. Rhonda is atomic!

M.B.: Texas

When we work together you provide the space and permissions for me to remember my purpose and help me see a path. You hold space for me to “get there” and you remind me to trust my knowing. You remind me of my brilliance.


I choose you when I do because it is safe to be me with you.  I can be vulnerable and transparent without concerns for judgement or “I told you so’s”.  You invite me to be me and I love that. I choose you because with you, I am not alone. 

You operate with the utmost of integrity. You are a trusted confidant. Safe house. Re-charger. Intuitive beyond measure, Joy, playful. 


When I walk into our encounters, many times I feel like I am going to jump off the planet. Like no one gets me.  That its me against the world.  I feel heavy and useless.  


When I walk out, I feel grounded. I feel renewed, I feel contemplative and creative. I feel light and on purpose. I am re-focused and filled with peace. 

A.H.: TX

C.M.: Texas

Rhonda is a masterful listener and can go below the surface in a  heartbeat. She is fearless in helping her clients get to the core of why they are living small and fearful. She is also the worlds best cheerleader and leads with laughter. You can feel safe and supported with Rhonda and make break through's if you are ready.

Thank you! I am about to tutor my last student for the day. Then, it's Maui all the way on Sunday morning. This is the first time I haven't felt stressed about travel, EVER. I just keep reading your Template for Success! You change lives!!!!!

L.W.: Texas

A lot of things have changed for me in the past few weeks. (New job, new company, getting the geographic location I wanted-to name a few). I wanted to say how much I appreciate everything you did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

J.C.: GA

I have seen my body change faster and more dramatically than what I believed was possible interacting with you Rhonda Burns! Seriously, after 1 of your energetic facelifts, my skin on my face was lighter and brighter, my vision/eyesight changed and a scar I had on my hand for over 35 years was just GONE! And you didn't even touch my hand. Also, after 4 facelifts I noticed spider and Varicose veins had disappeared. Rhonda Burns had not even touched my legs! So fast! So non-invasive! So Fun!

D.L.: Texas

Coming to see you is like visiting with a friend who knows what's wrong before I ever have to say a word. You allow me a safe place to feel, release and be truthful with myself, even when it's something I had not seen before. I also gain amazing insights.


I choose you for your amazing capacity to connect with my true self and bring the best out of me, because you make me feel safe you and your office are soothing.

What sets you apart is your honesty, authenticity, humor, transparency, trust-worthiness, life expertise, love of learning, beautiful giving spirit, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, beautiful laugh and your loving nature.

Walking into our encounters, I'm usually experiencing brain "scramble" and by the end of our time together, I have exceptional clarity and feel like my brain has released and now there is space to feel and create from again. When we do body work, I usually walk in feeling tired and the moment I lay on the massage table, my body relaxes like a marshmallow. Your hands allow my energy to start to flow stronger and I have a wonderful sense of peace when I leave. 

S.Y.: TX

When we work together you are a space that allows whatever truth to fall out of my mouth with zero fear of being judged, you make it easy to follow anything where ever it goes with ease and you help me see my blind spots.


I choose you when I do because working with you is always fun and potent. Its never what I think and when I get in that crunchy overthinking hella- analytical, figure-outt-y place, you know how to lead me back to me.

You are earthy playful magic, you actually take your own advice because you know it works vs. spouting the new age fluff, you use all the tools you know from everything you've learned and you apply the ones that best suit that particular situation


When I walk into our encounters, it's from crunchy to ahhh that's better. From, WTF to oh, there I am. From, this situation is terrible and I can't handle it to oh, I totally got this, from down and out to I'm a goddess.

M.B.: TX

In my experience working with Rhonda, I knew the minute I met her that I wanted to work with her. She has a very contagious upbeat manner and we connected on our first meeting. I found myself asking her what other work she does while we were in the middle of my session, I wanted more. I wasn’t sure what “more” looked like, but Rhonda and I were able to explore areas of my life that were no longer working and set goals for our coaching work together. As a certified coach myself, I am very selective in who I work with and that was Rhonda Burns! Our sessions together gave me the opportunity to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the specific areas that I really wanted to improve. Our sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. In summary Rhonda has enabled me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful.

S.L.: Texas

So here's what happened minutes after talking with you on the phone. ME: a smile on my face, goosebumps like I haven't had since being a kid. And I'm thinking, 'this is weird, kinda' silly and totally awesome!'. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness and showing me a whole new world of infinite possibilities.

J.P.: OH

I found Rhonda and was drawn in by her infections enthusiasm and abundance of joy. For me, the decision to work with Rhonda felt very "light," as they say, and so I enrolled in her BARS class just after Christmas 2012. I knew I'd made the right decision when I received a warm and friendly personalized greeting via email shortly thereafter.  Her class was expertly executed and the environment was intimate with personal instruction and guidance to ensure that we learned the appropriate hand placements and sequence. Rhonda is professional but not stuffy -- she keeps it light, fun, and enjoyable and her personality lights up a room! In fact, that's what drew me to her in the first place.

T.M.; VA

Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns

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