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There is NOTHING I care about more than that each and every man, woman, child & beast know just how inherently VALUABLE, WORTHY & PERFECT by DESIGN they are. 

AND, how important it is that we each LIVE & act according to our unique & perfect design, so that we can THRIVE - not just survive - in this crazy, cool thing called LIFE on planet EARTH. 

Because when we do, there is a natural symbiosis, collaboration and co-creation that allows the ALL & EACH to be FULLY supported, contributed to and included - not just the 1% or the "select few". 

There is so much uncertainty in the world today - more than ever. It's no secret there has been extreme inequity and inequality perpetrated & perpetuated on many people, including marginalized communities, that keeps them from often being able to get the resources they need to actually move beyond survival and be able to learn to create powerfully for themselves so that they can in fact, thrive

Because of all I've seen, heard, experienced 1st-hand and been privy to in my lifetime, it's been a great desire of my heart to somehow leave a legacy well beyond my time here in this precious body.


It's still being envisioned and created, but for now, I know that when we ask, it is always given. And to that end, it's my hearts-desire to ensure that ANYONE needing support and resources to IMPROVE themselves, their understanding, their position in life and to come into the WHOLENESS of their INHERENT BIRTHRIGHT from Source, if I have a way of being part of that help, I say "yes". 

With the help of my amazing clients that can and do happily pay for my coaching and facilitation services, I am able to give more of myself to more people, including those who aren't in the same financial position; yet.


So now, with great appreciation in advance, I ask you to consider (if your heart guides you to share some of your great fortune) - no matter how large or small - to make a love donation that will help me, help us, and help many more so that we may ALL RISE.  


These gifted resources will be pooled and put to great use to share the Universal Truth, Wisdom, Peace, Love & Education that will ensure that as we go forward as a collective, that we are ALL EMPOWERED. Eventually, the organizations and actual foundations will be created that will help build the physical community containers to continue this work. But we're starting here now, as there's always a beginning point to take action with.

To share your gifts generously, you may send funds in one of the following ways electronically:

  • If you prefer to pay via credit card, please email me here and I can send you an invoice via Square for the amount you'd like to donate. 

  • If you prefer to send funds the "old fashioned way", please email me here and I will give you a mailing address to use. 

Thank you again for being here and for your impeccable heart for sharing your generosity!



Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns

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