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If you had access to a specific map, designed JUST for YOU that gave you insight into HOW you're here to be, WHAT you're capable of here, BEST possible career options, as well as inherent BLIND SPOTS that you must know how to navigate (think of them like road blocks on the road of life), would you want that map? Would you choose to have a more direct, ease-filled journey that provided greater clarity, greater satisfaction and greater fulfillment? 

If so, imagine how much more enjoyment you'd be able to have and create? Funny though, the majority of the planet would rather remain "in the dark" and "out of the loop" as they try to bump along and "figure out this thing called life. That's what I call the HARD WAY. We actually are designed for way more ease.

One of THE greatest choices I ever made was having my hand analysis done and studying the system with my mentor, Baeth Davis, a 20+ year veteran of the work. It helped quell the innate, insatiable question that drove me all my life, "What am I really here for?" and "Why can't I truly find my line of work that soothes and satisfies my soul?" 

When I had my hands read, I wept. Literally cried in front of my class of other participants. I felt such a sense of relief. I wasn't crazy, wrong, making it up, mistaken, or too far off course. Everything I needed to know was in my hands and I now had the ability to decode and understand the map that my source put there for me to know and remember. 

What I love about Scientific Hand Analysis is that is NON-PREDICTIVE and 99.9% accurate. It's based on data and repeating patterns in the hands. Of the multitude of hands I've read since I learned this system, every single reading I've done has given my clients: peace of mind, validation, clarification, direction, courage, inspiration and in many cases, relief. Knowing what you're truly capable of from a design perspective (divine design) sure does help when it comes to creating a life you love and can prosper in. 

"Having this information has allowed me to stop being fearful of what I really want to do with my life because it has shown me that I'm actually BUILT for it and if I choose to create it, I will be supported - it's my design! I am SO relieved. Thank you, Rhonda. I feel like I can breathe again."


"No wonder I've had such a hard time making this work! I've been focused on the wrong things and coming at them from the wrong way! Sheesh, why don't we have this info at birth? I think the brick walls I kept banging my head against are going to start to miss me because I don't have to do that anymore!"


"Thank you, Rhonda. I was skeptical that this would give me any really valuable information, but something in me told me to have it done. I am SO glad that I did. The things you shared with me about what is in my purpose and where I sabotage myself could not have been more spot-on. It was scary, in fact! And now, I know where to put my focus and my energy so I can have what I want in a way that works for me. I am thankful beyond belief."


It takes COURAGE to live on PURPOSE. It takes COMMITMENT to want to know who you are designed to be.

It takes the WILLINGNESS to explore, adapt, modify, grow, expand and become what the creator designed you to be. AMAZINGLY YOU. Utterly UNIQUE. And many will struggle, wonder and contemplate their entire lives without any really certainty. I hope that won't be you. 

I'm ALL about using the power & pleasure that you came with to create the profit you came for. Profit meaning all things, not just money. Scientific Hand Analysis takes you to a whole other level of ease, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, abundance, prosperity and soul-satisfying work.

"So you're saying there's a chance! HA! Ok, I'll get out of my own way now thanks to your reading, Rhonda. I appreciate knowing that what I want, is actually something I can have."


"I feel like for the first time, ever, all my years of wanting, wishing, hoping & dreaming about what I felt called to do is ACTUALLY legitimately possible. I'm built for it. And all the pain I've caused myself over the years is my not choosing to follow my purpose. Life-changing."




​  A Hand Analysis Session will probably benefit you if you are:

  • Motivated to do whatever it takes (in integrity) to create what you desire

  • Pro-active in taking action

  • Committed to your fulfillment

  • Open-minded and flexible about change

  • Able to keep your agreements to yourself and others

  • Trusting of the process of life

  • Able to take responsibility for your own successes and challenges (no blaming or excuses)

  • Willing to be a LEADER in the realm of YOUR specific LIFE PURPOSE

  • Ready to make an investment yourself



Your One-Hour Telephone Session

During your hand analysis, I will show you the 3 key pieces of information that remain unchanged for you during your lifetime. I will describe your:

  1. Life School/Theme: Your Spiritual Training Camp Here on Earth

  2. Life Lesson: Your Blind Spot

  3. Life Purpose: Your Gift to the World


With these three key pieces of information, you will know what your Life Purpose is meant to be in this lifetime, what key patterns are working to keep you blocked from realizing or fulfilling that purpose, and your most common training areas for overcoming challenges and finding contentment with your Purpose. Having this complete awareness is the first step in propelling yourself forward with more ease, less effort.

After the Reading

You will receive an email with a link to an MP3 audio file that you can play at your convenience. This allows you to review the material again at a later time, as well as after some time has passed. If after your review with Rhonda, you feel additional support is desired or required, you may book a private session  to go over additional questions, review new awareness, potentially create new actions based on information and overall support trough a refresher of the data.




If you are ready to proceed, please make your payment of $297 (plus s/h) here and have your Scientific Hand Analysis kit mailed to you. (I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, minus $25, within 24 hours of the session reading, so that you don't feel a risk in making this investment in yourself.)

Again, your purchase of $297 (+ s/h) provides you:

  • A hand print kit mailed to you with instructions 

  • Analysis by Rhonda of your specific hand prints

  • A written PDF report for you for you to keep

  • A phone review by Rhonda with you (1-hour) with recording

  • A follow-up 20 minute private coaching session with Rhonda

  • Orders shipped, but prints not returned within 3 months require an additional $75 to process.

The process is easy, enjoyable and the experience will be informative, inspirational & often life-changing!

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