The First Time I Knew What Awe REALLY Was

Updated: Jan 6

AWE: "an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like"….

Just home from the latest visit to the doctor’s office, I sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the grainy sonogram image I brought home with me. Staring at the image of this little forming human, not yet feeling it inside me, I was in absolute amazement. Sitting in the space of wonder, I remember all of the thoughts and feelings that came over me and rushed through me as I pondered the possibilities of creation – from “nothingness into form”.

At the time, I was a 36-year old woman, in the early stages of my first and only

pregnancy, having a fairly easy go of it, considering that to the traditional medical community, I was a “geriatric” pregnancy. Not yet into the deeper aspects of my spiritual awakening and conscious evolution, I was continuing to ask really powerful questions about existence and how we come to be here. As the questions were ruminating in the ethers and adding to the extensive list I was compiling, I knew that all would eventually have to be known by me, as every question is answered when we’re ready to receive it.

Feeling the glossy paper between my slowly swelling fingers, staring off into no fixed place from the side of the bed, I remember this feeling that welled up from deep within me and moved me into deeper contemplation. As I sat with it, a dialogue with no one in particular in my head began to take place. Emphatically, I thought to myself, “How is it that what didn’t exist at all before, is now forming within my belly, and all the parts and pieces of this human are coming together without one ounce of my input or anyone else’s, for that matter?”.

I was in complete and utter AWE as I considered all the perfect formation aspects of the tiny person literally coming to life within me, creating itself in utero: cells, tissue, bones, organs, appendages, hair follicles, finger and toe nails, potential birth markings, etc. Every single element of a real human being was coming together, piece by piece, moment by moment and was handling its creation in the home I offered as my belly.

It pushed my limits of consideration beyond the beliefs I’d followed in my former religious days and it pulled me like a tractor-beam into far-off places I had no reference for at the time. But I knew then that not only was this the beginning of a magical new relationship with my future son or daughter, but that I also was capable of some really deep and mystical curiosity. It had always been there, but the new-forming baby inside me was the catalyst for me coming back to it after life had caused me to “check-out” and simply “get along”. Little did I know just how much of a catalyst the little one was going to turn out to be. (14 years later, he's more awe-inspiring than ever!)

If you’ve never sat and considered the wonders of the universe: creation, destruction, how things are formed and come into existence, universal

intelligence, the quantum elements, and so on, I’d highly encourage it if you ever want to blow your own mind. I get not everyone is interested in knowing the “how” or the “why” or the really big questions that stretch the limits of our often-limited human minds, but it’s a great AWE-starter.

And if you’ve gleaned nothing else from me, hear this:

Awe is necessary to live our best lives!

It’s a crucial element of reverence, and reverence (awe and deep respect) is who we are at a primary source level (love from the original source), it’s where we come from, and when we function from it with ourselves first, and then with the outer world, everything about our life experience becomes richer, more satisfying and undeniably magical.

But don’t just take my word for it. Would you be willing to play with it for yourself? What might the universe open up for you if you chose more awe today? More awe with you, more awe with people in your life, more awe of the world you live in….you get to decide. Wondering where or how to begin?

  • Just decide you want to experience it, notice it, feel it and be aware of it more.

  • State to yourself, “I’d like to be more aware of awe today.”

  • Ask the universe (or whatever infinite intelligence you might believe in) to show you more awe in your life in ways you can be aware of it, without fail.

  • When you notice it or become aware of it, celebrate!

  • Feel into it. Notice what it does for your body and your mood.

  • If you’re feeling really brave, share the awe! Encourage and invite others to the party.

As with everything in life, it’s a process to learn and integrate new things, so allow yourself the practice and the time. Have fun with it and let it to be easy. It really will show up if you aren’t resisting it or trying to make it complicated, so just chill and let the awe reveal itself in your life.

It would be my honor to work with you, your organization or in your personal relationships if you'd like some additional resources and assistance. As someone who loves connecting with others, as well as connecting others together, it's one of the things I adore and appreciate the most. Here's to you choosing more reverence for you today and everyday, gorgeous, then letting that spill out and over from your over-filled cup!

In AWE of it all,


Rhonda Burns is a Leading-edge Coach, Catalyst & Champion for Reverent Relationships, specializing in conscious practices and techniques to help cultivate confidence, competence and courage, for soul-satisfying life & love.

With a heart for men, she helps them evolve their emotional quotient, so they can get real and get down to the business of epic relationship success. Rhonda invites you to book a complimentary discovery session today.

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