Have you ever had someone look at you and be in your presence that made you feel like you were the most important, valuable and incredible person alive?

If so, consider yourself extremely lucky. If not, I'd like to invite you into something so much greater for yourself, and with others, than you may have ever considered before. You see, I've had the honor and privilege in my lifetime of making countless others feel that way. To be truly seen, heard, felt and celebrated. To feel deeply loved in a very natural and beautiful way, without any expectation of anything in return.

I thought that was "normal", but I learned after many years that what was normal for me, was not actually "the norm" for most. (When you simply ARE something, you often don't have words or even a conscious understanding of it, until you do.) And after years of people providing me feedback as to how I showed up with them, be it strangers crossing paths at airports or in grocery stores, or with intimate friends, or in my professional endeavors, I was finally able to examine and discern what people were saying. And better yet, what people were asking for way more of when it comes to personal interaction with others.


Reverence isn't a new word, but it's new to many people who don't use it, understand it, or haven't experienced it first-hand. It's a powerful word with profound energetic and emotional implications when it's in play and for me, well, it's the future of intra and inter-personal relating that I'm creating for and from. It matters to me and I'd love to invite you to play with the possibilities of it for yourself.

Reverence is a noun and as Dictionary.com explains: a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe.

The times that people generally give reverence are with people in positions of authority and in perceived positions of power, especially royalty, high-ranking officials and clergy. That's always perplexed me as to why we reserve that level of awe and deep respect for so few people. Aren't we all worthy of that? Hell yes we are! Every single one of us is cut from the same incredible fabric of the creative substance of source energy that those people are.

Showing reverence and being reverent is something we generally learn and condition, or not. If you've never experienced it, witnessed it, given or received it, then of course it might be a foreign concept. And if you have experienced it in some way, what might your life and the life of others be if you chose it more? It reminds me of just one of the many times I wept at the awe of nature and of the reverence I couldn't help but have for it.

One particularly astounding experience I recall was when I stood on the shore in Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia one day with my trusted Nikon camera pointed out at the Coral Sea as these massive waves came crashing up against the boulders I was perched on; whipping themelves over 40 feet into the air many feet above me, as they broke against the boulders below me - I wept like a baby. I mean, full-out, heaving sobs of tears that poured out of me as I stood witnessing this incredible beauty; the majesty of the sea, the intensity of the ferocity of the water, the almost indescribable feelings I had of overwhelming AWE. It was just one of those breathtaking moments where the rest of the world just faded away and all that was there in that moment was me, the elements and a level of presence that reminded me there's just so much that we can't and don't know.

I believe moments like that it may seem to be so much easier to have awe and deep respect, aka loving reverence for something; nature makes it easy. People...experiences...well, not so much sometimes. But what I know beyond what I know is that when we choose to consciously create our lives from and with reverence, weaving it into and through everything, starting ultimately with ourselves, life becomes this incredible tapestry that shimmers with the most magnificent people, richly rewarding experiences, serendipitous adventures and a soul-satisfying levels of satisfaction and fulfillment that nothing else can compare to.

I don't know about you, but that's the world I desire; the future I'm bringing into existence and helping co-create. It's the essence and nature of who we all truly are when we drop the limitations, outdated beliefs, decisions about people and things that keep us from being our intimately vulnerable, wickedly beautiful humanness, courageously willing to show up and see and feel ourselves and one another more purely and with much greater awe and deep respect. That's a world I'm ready to sink my teeth into and usher in for my son and future generations.

So how do we get there?

It's a process and also available right now in this, and every moment. Just you reading this now has brought the concept to a conscious place in your mind. If you're willing to acknowledge you'd like to experience more reverence for yourself and in all your relationships (people, places, things, etc), it's more than possible. It might even become imperative once you recognize the powerful magic that it is. I'd invite you to play with the following:

  • Make the decision that you want to choose to function from and with reverence.

  • Ask the universe to show you the reverence that's available to you in the everyday experiences.

  • When faced with choices for yourself and with others, ask yourself, "If I choose this, is this the most reverent choice that will create the greatest?"

  • "Am I coming from awe and deep respect with this?" is another great question to add to the repertoire. (Remember, you must start with you, as you can't truly be it with others and not be it for yourself.)

It would be my honor to work with you, your organization or in your personal relationships if you'd like some additional resources and assistance. As someone who loves connecting with others, as well as connecting others together, it's one of the things I adore and appreciate the most. Here's to you choosing more reverence for you today and everyday, gorgeous, then letting that spill out and over from your over-filled cup!



Rhonda Burns is a Leading-edge Coach, Catalyst & Champion for Reverent Relationships, specializing in conscious practices and techniques to help cultivate confidence, competence and courage, for soul-satisfying life & love. Rhonda invites you to book a complimentary discovery session today.

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