Trading in the Badge of Honor of "Busy" for Something Greater

You know it. You hear it. And you probably use it too - a lot. That tiny little response to "How are you?" or "What's been going on?"

"Oh, just busy." Or, "Just staying busy, you know?" And let's not leave out, "I'm SO busy."

When did "busy" become our rote response and our norm? Even a badge of honor? I'm not saying we aren't busy in our lives and as a collective society, but I'm calling BS on why we're so darn busy.

I'd ask, how's your life - really? How's your physical health? Your body? Your relationships? Your livelihood? Your career? Your family and friends? Your creativity? Your finances? Your growth and learning and expansion? Are they truly everything you desire them to be? Do you have ease and enjoyment in your day-to-day? Are you able to be present enough to enjoy the most subtle nuances the Universe is providing for you to have the life of your dreams?

I'd hazard to guess, "not so much." The reason I'm so fired up about this is due to me being a recovering "busy girl" who was forever pushing, striving, moving ahead, going big, getting it done, kicking butt and taking names, etc. Even when I thought I was slowing down and "taking time to smell the roses" I still had an underlying belief driving an agenda of "gotta' do more to be who I'm here to be".

And no matter how hard I tried, no matter how long my list of accomplishments seemed to be, the things that I was truly desiring seemed to be getting further and further away. I'd hear, "Your life is supposed to be fun for you" and I'd quip, "Well, it's not all that fun if I'm being completely honest." I'd read, "Doing more isn't the way to get or have more" and I'd think to myself, "Then what the actual 'F' am I missing here?"

Albert Einstein quoted, " The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."

Have you ever stopped to actually consider the insanity you may be running and perpetuating in your own life? Even something as small, yet incessant and pervasive every day, all day as, "I'm so busy." Subtle, yet profound. I wonder what that "busy" is actually creating for you? Building for your future? Or keeping you further away from? Once you understand exactly how the universe is designed and how it creates from our very own thoughts, words and beliefs, then it becomes vitally important that we become meticulous with our words. Caring what we think and feel and what we express to ourselves and others.

As I've been on a deeply intense total reconditioning of my life in all regards for the last year, when I'm prompted by my guidance to go outside and sit, I do it. I don't question it, balk at it or deny it. I used to. Because that didn't fit into the "busy" nature of my life in making coin, gaining clients, taking care of my son, handling the household as a single mom, etc. Or if it did, I couldn't even really relax and enjoy it for very long.

Imagine my surprise when just the other day I was seated beside a bush in front of my town home of 6+ years that has these incredibly delicate and faintly sweet smelling blooms on them. I was mesmerized! I had never even noticed they bloomed at this time of year. They are tiny like the size of a pencil eraser; so easy to miss. But my guidance led me to the perfect spot, next to the bushes, with temperatures conducive to enjoying being outside without bemoaning it one bit. Truly magical conditions. And the more I allow myself to get "lost" in the present moment, in admiration of what I'm observing, relaxation begins to take over. The mind slows it's roll from the non-stop barrage of "stuff".

Then as I'm naturally guided to focus on more pleasing things, having different thoughts based on those observations, momentum builds on those more pleasing things (that's the Law of Attraction in action), my eyes and ears are naturally drawn to more and more beautiful gifts and the process builds. And some of the objects of my attention, many of them, usually have very specific messages for me, or answers to what I've been asking. (Yes, that's a vulture sitting 15 feet from me in the home next to mine. It arrived for me, at the time I was prompted to sit outside with very clear messages for me. Don't think the Universe isn't responding to your every ask. You may just be too busy to receive the info.)

And it's when I was willing to step outside the "normalcy" of what I had been doing, experiment with something different and actually receive what was for me in each and every moment, something pretty miraculous began to happen. Not only do I get to witness the impeccable perfection of the universe and all within it, but I actually can hear, sense, smell and feel the inner wisdom of me. Which is where our true power comes from. It's what we all have and what we set up for ourselves as our "lifeline" to source to assist and support us in this awesome playground called life.

I can now actually easily receive the thoughts and the guidance I've been working so hard to access. When we're so darn busy, it's really easy to miss what's right there for us. Always there for us. And the beauty of the perfection of the design is that "even when we can't see it, we can't miss it." Because we are always, always, always being guided toward our answers, our solutions and our desires. Sure, you may take longer to receive it, but you can still receive it. And it's pretty freaking awesome when you do. Celebrate it - no matter how large or small!

Bottom line: it's all up to you. You have the desire, it's done. You set your intention to have what you desire. It's done. The "work" is to make sure you believe it, trust that the Universe is actually the one orchestrating it, don't fight it with all the "what about this and what if that's", and allow yourself to actually enjoy your life - every step of the way. Yes, even in the "busyness" that sometimes is a part of the picture. No matter what the conditions of the world and environment are around you, you get to choose how you're going to respond, how you're going to feel, how you're going to act, speak and think. It's all up to you, peaches. So, what will you choose?

I know for me, I'm choosing to maintain and grow this space of appreciation, ease, grace, peace, stillness, happiness and inspired action because it's where the incredible leverage of the entirety of the universe exists. And I'm all about leverage and momentum. Less stress, more pleasure. Less effort, more elegance. Less striving, more magic. Yep, call me a dreamer....and no, I'm not the only one. As for how we greet one another in the future, I'm going to go the way of Sonia Choquette and her lovely greeting to those she meets, "How's your spirit today?" Now that is something to talk about. I guarantee you, your spirit ain't "busy".

Rhonda Burns is a Coach, Catalyst & Champion for Spiritual Development, specializing in conscious communication practices. Catalyzing & Cultivating a new breed of Soul-Inspired, Intuitive Power-Players, Rhonda helps you get to the soul identify of you, so you can be in the business of creating a life that works on your soul-fulfilling terms. You are invited to book a complimentary discovery session today.

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