The Art of Appreciation vs. An Attitude of Gratitude

For years, I used the word gratitude. It’s been one of my favorite words. Practicing an “attitude of gratitude” is something you’ve probably heard and is one of the primary tenets in creating a life that thrives. Gratitude and judgment, negativity or anything else cannot co-exist in the same space.

A good friend and I were having a conversation one day and she invited me to consider the word appreciation in the place of gratitude. One of the things we both enjoy and study are the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, of which she’s masterful in after many years of following and applying its principals. I’ve always loved the feeling of appreciation as well as gratitude, so when we dug into the distinctions, I realized just how subtle the difference is, yet powerful and profoundly different.

I get really excited “moving the needle” or seeing the results of some deliberate creating. As someone who is ridiculously persistent, I’m always searching for more details, information and ways to create whatever it is I desire with as much ease as possible. Digging into the distinction between gratitude and appreciation, I really had to “slow down to speed up” and sense just how subtle the difference in these two words are. What really allowed me to choose to pivot was feeling and then seeing the difference.

Abraham shares that when we traditionally use the world gratitude, we’re doing so having “overcome” something or having improvement from something we didn’t necessarily desire. Again, gratitude can and does move us into higher vibration and frequencies, but if you really want to take your creating, manifesting and realizing to another level, what if you played with appreciating instead?

Appreciation and love have the same frequency and vibration, and is the true alignment of who we are -from and as source. There is total absence of any resistance with appreciation. “A state of appreciation is a state of godliness,” per Abraham-Hicks. Isn’t that beautiful? But don’t take my word for it. Try it on for size for yourself. It’s always about keeping what’s working for you and that you enjoy and letting everything else go. (Take what you want and leave the rest).

“A state of appreciation is a state of godliness.”

It’s as simple as starting to replace the word gratitude with the word appreciate and really get a sense for the emotion you feel when you utilize it. Then just pay attention to what starts to show up, shift, as well as how you feel overall.

Remember, the difference between these is slight, yet could be the difference between you receiving what you desire more quickly, with less effort and with you keeping people, places, things and experiences at bay, which usually creates more underlying resistance because of the angst you have for it not showing up. What a conundrum, eh?

Not to mention that when you function from the energy and emotion of appreciation, you become an undeniable beacon for good things overall, your energy raises, you become a more consistently happy person and well, life just becomes a truly undeniable, joyful adventure.

How much do you appreciate the little things? Sunshine, rain, a good book, fresh water, a comfortable bed, laughter with friends or family, etc.? Begin to pay closer attention to those that use the different words and feel into it for yourself. Really allow yourself to choose the word that feels best and “cleanest” to you. Remember, the true emotion of appreciation has no resistance in it whatsoever.

One of the ways I milk the appreciation in my life is to make lists of things I love and appreciate. I play with moving through the alphabet each morning. A = asparagus (roasted in olive oil), B = Balloons (lots of them and lots of various colors), C = Coloring

in a fun book with glorious colored markers,

D = well, you get the gist.

Here are 10 of my most silly, yet absolutely favorite things I love and appreciate that actually make me giggle when I get to experience them:

  1. Finding coins on the ground at random times. This girl will cross moving traffic to

pick up a beat-up penny!

  1. A never-ending supply of ice. I love ice-cold drinks and crunching on ice. Crushed ice is the best!

  2. Seeing “faces” in the trees I walk by. Yes, I even talk to them and sometimes give them names!

  3. A fully inked highlighter that slides across the letters on a page and lays down epic coverage! (Yellow is my fave go-to color)

  4. A “just right” coffee mug. I like it a bit heavy, thicker walls and handle, but not too


  1. Almond croissants. Oh my gosh…just get out of my way. Marzipan!

  2. Numbers of alignment and support throughout the day; 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.!

  3. Receiving clarification, verification and feedback from my source through songs. Fist pumps and jazz hands happen a LOT around here!

  4. Meeting strange dogs in my neighborhood that literally lay themselves at my feet and let me rub their bellies. They know I “see them” completely!

  5. Laughing hysterically with my teenage son over the most random, dumb stuff until our bellies hurt. Oh, it’s just the best!

What other ways could you choose to play with appreciating today? How creative would be fun for you? Would you be willing to try? There’s no wrong or right way, but if you’re looking to become a more deliberate creator vs one by default and haphazardly, then I invite you to start playing with it today. Give yourself a day, then a week, then another and just see what it creates. And don’t forget to celebrate when things show up by proclaiming, “I did that!” Remember, YOU are the creator of YOUR reality – that includes the good, the bad, the positive, the negative and everything else.

Here’s to letting appreciation lead the way to a greater future for you and those you love!

Rhonda Burns is a Sexual Mentor & Intuitive Empowerment Coach, who helps strong, ambitious, gifted women powerfully live, love, lead & profit through unshakable - relaxed - intuitive trust and turn-on for greatest global influence. "The power to create worlds is who you ARE."​, so why not allow the power & pleasure you came as to create the profit you came for? Rhonda makes manifesting and creating FUN & EFFORTLESS. Teaching simplified, clear and practical application of the principles and the process of creation, while holding the safe, sacred space to address the tender spots that are necessary for growth and ultimate success, she invites you to book a complimentary discovery session today. Rhonda helps make the "hard stuff", easier.

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