Strengthening the Trust With Your Inner Guidance System

As a child, I was always in question, "Who am I? What am I here for?"

As time marched on, these questions became even more poignant for me when I would be in church and "hear" what was being preached, yet know innately that what I heard in the room and what I felt inside of me was not a match.

This caused much "friction" and tension for me as I had to seek to know and understand what the "voice was that I heard and felt within me. Was it God? Was it me? Was it conditioned responses? Since there were many times that what I innately was hearing from outside vs what I was sensing inside seemed in opposition to the doctrine being taught, I spent a great number of years in confusion and turmoil.

Through my yearning to "know the truth" for myself and have a clear understanding, I spent years on my journey seeking, learning everything I could about whatever interested me at the time and coming to know what this "inner voice" really was and where it originated form. I now know that I was always being guided by that voice inside. After much consideration and years in search, I finally came to understand that the inner voice, what we often call our "gut instinct or intuition, was in fact the voice of me - my soul AND Source (God - higher power - whatever you identify with) - one in the same. There isn't a separation.

As a source-created being, my soul (the higher part of me that is pure energy NOT in my body here on planet earth) - which I lovingly identify as RB now, is always talking with me and flowing me information/guidance/wisdom. You and yours are too; the difference usually lies in whether you're aware of it, whether you're in communication with yours and whether or not you're following the soul-guidance that is the purest, most direct feedback for your journey here that you could have. (As someone who's been a bit - ok, a LOT - stubborn and resistant to knowing RB and trusting the guidance, I've taken some pretty rutted and difficult roads as a result. But hey, lessons learned and back on course now. Better late than never!)

As I like to visualize concepts for myself to help them be easier to comprehend, I imagine that RB is like a ship's captain (my ship/my captain). And when a ship is being sailed by the captain, they are on what's called a "bridge" - the command center that allows the captain to see and navigate safely to a destination. RB has everything I've ever wanted in the field of opportunity (let's call that the ocean out front and all around) and she is navigating the ship, scanning the horizon, course-correcting when things get in the way, watching for obstructions, looking for the paths of least resistance for most smooth sailing, etc. When "RB has the bridge", she's in control. She has me in the commanders chair with her and I'm following her instructions to create my life with the most amount of ease and the least amount of effort.

Many times throughout the day, I'll put my hands out toward the sky and say out loud, "RB has the bridge!" It's my way of letting her know I'm following her lead, tracking with her downloads, feeling her vibe, celebrating understanding, and trusting her totally. It's a virtual high-5 for her! It's so fun and yes, people might look at me strange, but it's a heck of a lot of fun for me, and that's what matters.

It's only the times that I don't heed her guidance that I cause issues for myself - kinda' like mutiny! As the captain of our ship (me in human form), she's there to get me where I want, knowing exactly what that is, and has the full scope from which to view and see and get the job done. WHY in the heck would I not utilize her to the greatest degree every single minute of every single day?

Well, most of us actually don't, and there are a number of possible reasons why.

1. We haven't actually been taught to the point of true understanding the nature of our connection with ourselves and source. What we don't "know", we usually fear and resist. (It's time to know the truth for ourselves and live accordingly.)

2. We are resistant to trust our guidance because of trust issues carried over from emotional scars or traumas that keep us imprisoned from the truth. This translates to much like the image of a petulant, defiant child who takes the stance in adulthood, "NO! I'll just do it my way all by myself." (I'm here to tell ya'....this isn't the best way. Believe me.)

3. We don't know how to talk to, communicate with or hear our inner guidance because we haven't cultivated the relationship or practiced it nearly enough. (There's always the chance to start new today.)

There are so many amazing resources available about all things pertaining to our existence here, how we got here, why we're here, how to communicate with our higher selves, trust our intuition, etc. I'd invite you to just allow yourself to easily have resources come into your awareness, take what feels best to you (not what your old conditioning has led you to believe, but what actually moves you in a way you can't deny), and start to practice differently.

Some of the surest ways to build this relationship with your inner guidance (your ship's captain) include meditation (the days of this being only in ancient wisdom traditions is over and this is a necessary mainstream practice now), choosing to practice stillness without distractions, sitting in nature

uninterrupted, writing down questions or thoughts in a journal and allowing yourself to look for messages throughout the day that come in cues, metaphors through experiences, television show or movies, etc.

One of my most favorite ways to communicate with RB is after I've gotten my questions posed in meditation (if I had anything specific), or if I've sensed information she wants me to follow, I ask her to further validate my understanding of what I believe to be her leading me. I strap on my sneakers, lace them up, plug in my earbuds and turn on a music app that shuffles music according to genre. As I'm out on my walk (movement also always helps me get her downloads more easily), it absolutely delights me that every single time, the songs that cue up and play are EXACTLY the information I seek.

It's RB speaking to me through song lyrics that I can actually hear in human form. While I am clairaudient and can hear her, this is simply more physical evidence that really just makes me giggle and laugh, sometimes hysterically. It's like playing a game. I'm a big kid that way. (Hint: laughter, lightness, ease, joy and happiness invite greater connection with less effort as well. So laugh it up and play hard!)

A recent playlist that just kept the conversation flowing like a river the other day included songs in this precise order: "Confident; Whistle; Dynamite; Human; Firework: Just Like Fire; Hall of Fame; Centuries; Yellow; Same Old Love; Starships; DJ Got Us Falling In Love; Born This Way".

Now, I've "deciphered" the songs, the lyrics, the meaning and the interpretation for myself based on what I was "discussing" with RB, so that's for me. I simply invite you to play with music as a method of feedback to strengthen your messaging from your inner guidance. And as you're getting started or perhaps picking this back up again, be easy with yourself. Take it in a relaxed way - don't hyper-focus or make it significant. Our messages are in the whispers, the animals that cross our paths, objects, signs (literal ones and figurative ones) and so much more. Be open to listening, hearing, seeing, touching and yes, sometimes even tasting the signs, aka guidance through feedback.

As someone who has worked VERY hard AGAINST my guidance most my life, having experienced total-life bankruptcy, rock-bottom and having to start all over, I can tell you that the greatest lesson I've learned and that I urge others to know is that your inner guidance will only ever you lead you to your greatest and highest good. Don't be a stubborn dumb-bunny and resist it like I did for so long. Allow yourself to trust it more than anyone or anything - life will only be greater, more ease, more joy, more happiness and less effort because of it. Remember, it's the higher part of YOU leading you through this crazy awesome ride called life on planet Earth as a human being. ENJOY the ride! But listen to the captain!!!

Rhonda Burns is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, specializing in conscious communication practices to help cultivate confidence, competence and courage, for soul-satisfying connection - in AND out of the bedroom. Rhonda invites you to book a complimentary discovery session today.

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