Is Your Life Provocative Enough For You?

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How much more fun can you choose to have with everything you're trying on, playing with, or considering today?

Is your life provocative enough for you?

Has anyone ever asked you if your life was provocative enough for you? If not, here’s your invitation to consider it. Ever wondered why some things in the world get as much attention and influence as they do? It’s usually because something about it or the person is provocative enough outside the “normal” standards that have the majority wanting to peer in. Like voyeurs, are you on the outside looking in? What if provocative is what your life and your creations are calling for? What might keep you from choosing it?

What comes up for you when you read or hear these words? Do you have a sense of contraction or expansion in your world? What does your body feel like when you play with the possibility? Would you be willing to take a few moments right now to:

  • Take some slow deep, cleansing breaths;

  • Close your eyes if you can safely do so without harm;

  • Become aware of your breath, your body and your surroundings;

  • Notice the sensations, feelings, emotions you have going on;

  • Drop all the decisions you've made or the judgments you have and simply allow whatever information is here for you to flow freely;

  • Allow yourself to receive whatever is here for you and simply know that it is information you get to choose what to do with;

  • Trust yourself to be here right now

How much playfulness and lightness can you choose to have with any discomfort you may have or may be aware of? Would you be willing to release and let down any and all of your energetic walls and barriers? Remember, anything you attempt to knowingly or unknowingly keep at bay with barriers is keeping you from receiving. It prohibits you from receiving information, wisdom, guidance, energy, love, kindness, compassion, awareness, money, clients, etc.

Any barrier we have up keeps us from receiving.

And it locks us in. Anywhere you have the belief that you have to "protect" yourself from anyone or anything, or any subject matter, let me remind you, "There is no source or force on earth more powerful than you." You are infinite, divine source embodied. It's who you are; it flows through you; it's where you're from and it's what you're about.

So what comes up for you when I say the word, provocative? How many images and subjects come to mind? What has provocative been or not been for you in your life?

The current definition of provocative means:

* Tending or serving to provoke; inciting, stimulating, irritating, or vexing.

The etymology:

Mid-15c., "eliciting," from Middle French provocatif (15c.) and directly from Late Latin provocativus "calling forth," from provocat-, past participle stem of Latin provocare (see provoke - "call forth, challenge," from pro "forth" (from PIE root *per- (1) "forward") + vocare "to call" ). Specifically of sexual desire from 1620s. Related: Provocatively; provocativeness. The earliest appearance of the word in English is as a noun meaning "an aphrodisiac" (early 15c.).

Websters 1828:

Anything that tends to excite appetite or passion; a stimulant; as a provocative of hunger or of lust; tending to awaken

What if being provocative in more conscious ways is what's required to challenge conventional standards? What if you consciously chose that which may be deemed provocative or inappropriate to some, but is actually resonant and in alignment for you? What if that's what you are actually here for?

How much has conditioning in your life overruled and overrun your natural design, your authentic make-up and has derailed aspects of your life and living? What if provocative lights you up? What if it turns you on? Are you willing to play with it to know what it actually creates? Or do you have awareness of other people's discomfort and their "edges" that when you bump up against them, you acquiesce to ensure they stay comfortable? What does that actually create and generate for you? Is that kind to you and your body? If you're willing to challenge the old ways you've chosen and you're ready to try something different, how much ease and fun can you invite to have with it all?

How much more presence with provocative can you be? Without judging it; without hiding from it; without scorning it? Is your life provocative enough for you? (Light or heavy, yes or no?) Remember, there's no "right or wrong" or "good or bad" answer. This is about getting clear on what's true for you in this moment in time and space. Until we acknowledge "what is", we can't change it. Would your life be greater if you allowed it to be more provocative? What does provocative mean to you? Not the definition, but what are the points of view, the considerations and the beliefs that you hold that keep you where you are with this subject, and any other?

When I searched the topic of provocative, controversial subject matter and information is what I found, which means they are inextricably tied together. How much are you unwilling to be controversial? Again, this is to help you become aware of where you're currently functioning from. If you're judging provocative, controversial or anything at all, you are cut off from receiving, and from changing it. Who are you being when you avoid being provocative?

What if you are designed to be provocative? (I am - it's in my Human Design and my energetic make-up.) How much are you resisting your nature and your design because of conditioning or points of view? How's that working for you? Personally, when I rail against and resist my very nature, it causes personal conflict and for things to not go well in some or in many cases, all areas of my life! What is that "thing" that you avoid the greatest? What if that is what you're actually designed with and for that if you allowed yourself to just embrace it, could change your entire existence for the greater?

As always, conscious evolution is a process and it unfolds at exactly the right time and speed as it's meant to. Please don't judge anything about you, where you are in your journey or about any aspect of you and how you've been or are. Also, have you considered that you were designed by the source creator to be exactly as you are, with the gifts and abilities that you are, and that you are here to use those for a reason? Who are we to rail against and question the creator? Or to allow others positions and beliefs to matter more that ours, or what we know to be innately true for us? "God don't make junk" is what my friend always likes to remind me of.

By denying your true nature and not showing up to be the gift and contribution you are, you are being unkind to you, the planet and the people on it - especially if you are here to move us all forward through your own unique and special ways.

"If I am here to assist in expansion, in any way, shape or form, I am doing all of us a dis-service by dishonoring my design."

Are you avoiding or denying any aspect of you that is actually what you are here and designed to bring forward, to contribute, to share, to heal, and in some cases, to save? What do you think our world would be like if visionaries and pioneers that have come before us had not challenged convention, norms and standards? Those that have gone before and been willing to be provocative did so because they did what was true for them and in line with their design. That allowed others who could recognize the truth for themselves, to move forward and into greater in their own lives. What if that's what you are here to do also? Are you avoiding it in any way?

"When you deny any aspect of you, you kill you."

And not just you. You kill possibilities, potentiality, creation and you also add to the death and destruction of others. Would you be willing to be just 1% more provocative in your life now, knowing what else might be available? How about any percentage more provocative? Even if you choose 1/100th of a percentage point more provocativeness, it will change something in your life. It doesn't have to be massive. Small increments over time cracks the door of possibilities.

Why do you think provocative marketing works so well in advertising spaces? It actually causes a "rise" out of the viewer or the reader. And when we go back to the definition, "it provokes, it stirs up, it calls forth, it arouses." It gets us off of status-quo and off of mediocre and calls us forth to consider something else, something different, perhaps something greater.

What provocativeness of you is required in the world starting now and going forward that you've never been willing to acknowledge? What are you here to call forth, to stimulate, to arouse, to call to action? What are you called to provoke? How much are you using the potency of provocative against yourself? All the places and spaces of polarity (right, wrong, good, bad, etc) that you have locked into your life, into your body, into your creations, into your relationships, into your money flows, and into any aspect of you, from anywhere or anytime, known or unknown, would you be willing to let it go and choose for it to be different now?

As you learn and decipher more of who you are, what you're about, what you stand for and what's vitally important to you, remember, it's not about getting up in people's faces and starting trouble or stirring the hornet's nest for the sake of it. No, not at all. However, if what you're choosing lights you up, turns you on, is a big fat vibrational, energetic, or emotional good feeling, "YES!" then that's what IS for you and it's your internal guidance telling you that you're on the right track! It's all about vibrational alignment with what's real and true for you, not what anyone else thinks, says or does.

What's provocative about you that you've been avoiding, denying, refusing or refuting that if you were to stop resisting, would actually be your keys to freedom. What is that for you? What is your unique design calling you to that you've been unwilling to choose? What are you saying to the creator source that designed you perfectly when you deny and avoid "being you"? Perhaps provocative isn't your thing? Are you willing to play with and discover what is? Then possibly choose more into it and see what it creates?

It's all choice and no matter what you choose, you can always choose again. And again. And again.

If you have any questions, concerns, or desire clarity or contribution, please be sure to reach out today. You can reach me by email at: for further assistance.

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