There's GOT To Be Something More

I remember it like it was yesterday.

That moment when after yet one more personal development seminar where someone stood up and told me what I should be doing, thinking, giving me their point of view about what was what, how I should be setting up my mindset, my days, my business, my relationships, my life, etc...

And I wanted to scream. In fact, I kinda' did in my head. It sounded like...."This is bullshit! There has GOT to be something else available out there. I will not sit in one more fucking class, seminar or take one more anything if someone doesn't do this in a different way."

I didn't really know what I wanted it to look like, be like, taste like, etc. But I knew I wanted and needed something different. I wanted to feel better walking away from an experience, not worse. Or feeling inferior in some small way. Or that I could do something for a little bit, then revert back to the old ways.

So while I may not have known, I actually DID know. Within me I knew there was something else available and simply by asking for it, demanding it of myself, then allowing the universe to deliver, it showed up. And nothing has ever been the same since.

There are tons of personal development experts, leaders, coaches, trainers, consultants, speakers, guru's, etc out there. But here's the deal. YOU KNOW. If you're willing to trust what you know and demand that you will only choose that which expands you, lights you up, allows you to shine brighter and feel your absolute best, then that's where the magic happens.

If you are willing to seek out catalysts to facilitate you being MORE of you - ALL of you, inviting you to explore those facets through question, curiosity and wonder, not systems, structures and decisive, conclusionary and limiting points of view that you will stick yourself with, then you will truly see your blossoming take place at warp speed. I promise. But don't take my word for it. Choose for yourself. Because you know friends. You've always known.

Here's to empowerment at a whole other level in a whole other way.



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Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns

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