Irresistible Invitation

“I saw you sitting here enjoying the water so much, you were just too irresistible for me to not come and enjoy the experience too. I just had to come join in.”

Best words received all day; from a total stranger.

Our polite greeting turned into over an hour-long conversation. And it reminded me just how much the world desires a different possibility.

Before 15 minutes went by, we had about 10 people around us, feet dangling in the shallow pool that was merely meant for enjoying visually, not physically. Having chosen to cool off, quietly, respectfully, asking forgiveness rather than for permission, we chose that which felt good to us and our bodies.

None of the other thousands of people milling about had chosen it; until someone else led the way. There are leaders and there are followers. We witnessed the sea of followers that day. The rule-abiders, the “safe-steppers”, the “don’t draw outside the lines” ones.

And in that moment, that experience, that exchange I was reminded that if I don’t lead, someone else might not have the courage to step into their dreams, their desires, and their infinite possibility.

So I heard you Universe, I heard you beings that DO desire something different and I heard you, my precious heart….it is not time to stop, to slow down or to cower. No, it’s time to step up, step out and BE more of an invitation than ever before.

Would you be willing to be the invitation you be in the world? Just BEING you? Whatever that looks like, sounds like, is like?

What if you ARE the gift, the invitation, the catalyst the world requires right now-in these 10 seconds?

Here’s to boldly BEING you. Always. In all ways.



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