Let's face it, sometimes - often times, life is TOUGH. Maybe more than we're prepared to handle in the moment. And sometimes we just want a safe, and I mean REALLY safe space to share our innermost secrets, desires, wants, wishes, needs, fears, questions, etc. 


Most people don't feel like they have the ability, or the person to finally lay that "thing" down and get it not only out of their head and heart, but out of their body where it's been sometimes holding them hostage.  

Add to it all the people who just want someone to connect with, to feel better, to celebrate, to not feel lonely, to feel inspired, seen, heard and whatever else the need is - with ZERO judgment and ZERO expectations. 

Whether you seek solace, support, witness, escape, pleasure, a friend, a virtual hug or anything not yet mentioned, there is one thing I do better than just about anyone. It's the thing people have asked me for, even begged me for, my entire life. I naturally help people feel good.

I help give those Desires & Needs a VOICE. Because they ALL need a voice, especially when the secrets you've been keeping inside are killing parts of you and your spirit. Consider me that friend, confidante, sounding-board or pleasure partner that you can lay any and all of it down with. It matters not what it is; what matters is that if it needs to be spoken, you need a safe, sacred and holy space to release it into and friends, that is my secret sweet spot. I am here for you. 


HOW: Choose your session time amount; make your appropriate payment; receive an email to confirm and schedule; connect by phone or video as determined

TIMING: Can schedule & speak within hours, as needed

WHERE: Via Phone (WhatsApp or Phone conference line; Video (Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) 


PAYMENT: Credit or Debit Card via secure online portal via Square

COST: Choose what you need, when you need it:

~ $500 for 4 hours (time-banked retainer)

~ $95 for 40 minutes

~ $50 for 20 minutes

*All funds are in USD

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