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After a lifetime of studying human behavior and relationships, and in a never-ending quest to find answers, fixes and the better feelings outside myself, I finally established, and work to master every day, the reverent relationship that changed my life and affords me the freedom and power I'd always  yearned for. 


And it's why I help others do the same.



For all the success my clients have had, most of them admit that when it comes to the relationships in their lives, it's one of the main areas that aren't as fulfilling, and they struggle to create the same levels of success as in other aspects of life. A large number of them pacify themselves to get by rather than rectify what's required to actually have what they truly desire. Tolerating less than the absolute best is difficult, challenging & downright frustrating. And this doesn't just mean our struggles in human relationships - it means in anything we relate to: money, career, health & body, spiritual endeavors, etc.

In today's world, human relating can be extremely challenging, especially between the sexes. It takes an immense amount of courage to be willing to depart from the societal and even familial traits of superficial relating, keeping things on a surface level and functioning from bravado.


Bravado is what we "do" when we don't know who we "are".

Bravado is how we act out when we aren't aligned and attuned to the true nature and expression of who we actually are.  


Even though the culture has been one way for centuries, the time to create and function differently is NOW. The new name of the game is REVELATION, INTEGRATION & EVOLUTION, not pacification and perpetuation of outdated norms/stereotypes. Many men and women are taking up the personal charge to do the appropriate inner "work", make changes, and be part of a completely different relationship paradigm. And that's where Reverent Relationships and I come in.

So why "Reverent Relationships"?

Because Reverent Relationship with you is the highest and purest expression of who you are at a soul creation level. Beneath layers of behaviors of protection and conditioning is the truth of WHO & WHAT we ARE & WHY we are here. Because the stuff we're made of is cosmic legend and is ready to reclaim its rightful place in our day-to-day lives. You need it. The world needs it. Your future needs it. So, let's get to it!

"A Reverent Relationship is the epitome of unconditional self-loving."

After a lifetime of observing and studying relationships in all their various forms with well over 20,000 hours of focus, and over a decade of in-depth research, it's more obvious than ever the levels of "settling, mediocrity and status-quo" that most people tolerate for themselves where relationships are concerned. And in my opinion, it's wreaking havoc in ways you may not even begin to understand or be aware of yet.  We aren't designed to live for extended periods in those states, but it's definitely a choice and a conditioned way of being for the majority of people.

"The most reverent relationship we can cultivate is the one with ourselves."  

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