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Did you find me from the home page? If so, then you know I'm about being a straight-shooter who likes to get to the heart of any matter. (As a writer who loves expressing through the written word equally as much, I'm in a constant tug-of-war with "less is more", while wanting to pour my heart out with prose! GAH!) If you didn't catch the home page where I "set the stage" for you, check it out here.

Having worked closely & intimately with people of all ages from all over the world over the years, there's one thing I know more than ever:

**People - especially women - don't really know how phenomenally, innately powerful they are, nor do they know where the Source of that p.u.r.e. power & potency comes from. Much less how the Universal system is designed, how it works, and how we each are perfectly designed to work and thrive within the system.


Because of this, they don't confidently and consistently share their most authentic, life-giving and life-attracting gifts and messages, nor do they come from their whole hearts, which can make life feel like they are on a hamster wheel they can't escape. 


That inflames the "generational junk" they've carried through life and it fuels conditioned-life-behaviors that keep people - especially women - locked down and cut-off  from the ability to unleash their deepest heart & soul desires, and from unlocking their greatest human potential. 


(In case you weren't aware, the majority of any difficulty you're experiencing in life today probably got set up and conditioned with you beginning in your childhood, even if you think you're "past all that".)

No matter the level of success you may or may not have experienced so far, if you're not living a life that you're excited about and enlivened by in every way, every single day - expressing yourself as your most open, honest & inherently natural you, then there's something you may still have yet to become aware of. When you nurture your very nature - the p.u.r.e. you - life organizes itself for you.

And let's not ignore the elephant in the room, shall we:  How are you handling the total "global reset" the world is undergoing right now? Are you stable, sure, confident and poised navigating these uncharted waters? Or are you freaking out with the rest of the world? 

Which is where I come in. I'd love to help. Having been told all my life that I make everything better somehow and I'm "the calm in the storm that helps right the ship", I take great honor and pride when others trust sharing part of their self-development & spiritual journey to me; it's one of life's highest privileges that I consider sacred. 

Clients, friends & even total strangers walk away empowered, educated, encouraged, equipped, often entertained, enlivened, energized, clearer, unburdened, authentically confident, creatively inspired, and a slew of other outcomes they may not even have the awareness they wanted, needed or had access to. Not only do I deliver, I over-deliver. Can't help it, it's who I am. 

As someone who found it easier to birth a brand new baby and soul into the physical world than it was to excavate my deepest emotional truth and reveal my own P.U.R.E. Identity & Design so it could lead me through the world confidently, I know first-hand the pain, the terror and the absolute gamut of gut-wrenching emotions we can run each day when faced with choosing to live a truly authentic, transparent and bone-deep-fulfilling life. (Believe me, my C-section birth experience was a cake-walk compared to reclaiming the Pure Me I'd been repressing.)

It takes immense courage to choose to live as your natural Uncommon Confidence in a world steeped in fear, judgment and competition. But what I know more than anything else I know: when we choose to let our inherent design & natural identities lead - we are supported, nurtured & guided in ways that go well beyond the comprehension of and the laws of man; not to mention the meticulous improvement of our health, wealth and relationships with much greater efficiency and enjoyment.

Having led a varied, diverse and vastly experiential life, I can distill down and help shorten the road for those ready to do something similar. (I've done the falling down, breaking down, falling apart, going broke, resisting everything that's right about me, feeling helpless and powerlessness route, so I'm more than qualified to share what works and what doesn't. Let my trials and tribulations help you build faster, farther & with a crap-ton more ease.)


My greatest desire & highest vision is to ensure that every man, woman child & beast knows just how worthy, valuable and powerful they are in their own unique and perfect way, as well as where the Source of that power comes from. Let's get you tuned in, turned up and deliberately creating a life of incredible Soul-satisfaction - legendary living as an emotionally and energetically astute, true Uncommonly Confident Leader, in fact.


You game?

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Rhonda Burns


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