My life, as I reflect back on it, feels like elements of a sordid romance novel, an Odyssey-like journey, a mediocre situational comedy show and like I was a voyager lost at sea trying furiously to find my bearings to "get back to land".

It's got all the best elements of a "best-seller": drama, intrigue, mystery, drugs, alcohol, sex, clandestine affairs, questionable choices, shunning the safety of normalcy to traverse the unknown, exciting global travel, bankrolling-to-the-brink of bankruptcy, relationships that thrived and those that tanked, multiple divorces, romance, scorn, lost love, revoking organized religion, torn-apart family, redemption, reclaiming universal love and wisdom, failure & success and so much more. 

My story isn't a new one, but it is in fact unique to me. My life-long journey has always held many powerful and profoundly deep questions that burned very deep within me from a very young age; the two most critical being: WHO AM I  - REALLY? & WHY DOES IT FEEL SO WRONG to BE ME?  


The other predominant questions I've held and have been in query about for decades have been, "Why do we make so much about the human experience wrong, bad or inappropriate (like: sex, bodies, pleasure, joy, etc)? Why do people 'tolerate' such abysmal and even simply mediocre circumstances and experiences in their lives & relationships?" and "What's it going to take for people to rectify what's not working rather than just pacify themselves with fleeting ways?"

Life & relationships are diverse, multi-faceted and anything but "simple". There's not just "one kind of love or one kind of way" to the life of your dreams. Yet, once we have a basic understanding of how the universe is designed, how we work within that design and what's possible when we consciously co-create everything in our lives, it becomes very clear and a completely different ballgame for those who no longer want to settle for less than the absolute best and greatest for themselves. (Hint: we did NOT come to "settle". True story.)

"Authentic human interactions become impossible when you lose yourself in a role."

- Eckhart Tolle

As a former "good girl" raised in organized religion and a highly conservative belief system, I have evolved well beyond the limited scope and controlling nature of said belief systems. I've challenged every belief I've had (and still do every day), deconstructed my life to determine what I truly need and desire, and I've created a life completely on my terms. I've even come to define what "my kind of love" is and why traditional ways feel like a suit 3 sizes too small. I could not have done it without all the various systems and schools I've studied in, and so far, my favorite that are the most helpful are: Abraham-Hicks, Human Design & Gene Keys.

Every turn, path, situation, experience, relationship, etc has brought me to the leading-edge of where I now stand; poised and powerfully prepared for the work I do with my amazing clients who have been waiting and asking for something DIFFERENT so they can thrive, flourish and prosper ridiculously well in their WHOLE LIFE. 

Bottom line: I want people to not only be genuinely soul-happy (which is our divine plan), but to KNOW, LOVE, HONOR, EXPRESS & ENJOY their fullest and truest potential while here in their gorgeous, sexy, flesh-and-blood bodies that pulse with a never-ending cycle of creative desires and possibilities. To thrive on the journey, feel phenomenal in their bodies and design a life and legacy that has them wanting to bound out of bed each morning with great anticipation and satisfaction. We each came to expand the universe in only the way we are designed to, and to limit that in any way another moment is simply a waste of precious life-force energy in my book. 


To accomplish this, we have to utilize our precious instruments - our bodies as our partners - and we must cultivate the relationship with ourselves, our bodies and the world we interact with. I'm here to help end all that stands in our way of having a deeply satisfying and incredibly turned-on life of not only our dreams, but of our designed destiny.  

Having lived an immense amount of context and variety in my life - experimenting grandly - I'm here in support and to usher in a deeper level of spiritual understanding, emotional and energetic authenticity and "accurate-for-our-unique design" living. For those asking, seeking and desiring to have freedom and liberation and to absolutely thrive in entire life - I'm here to help. 


Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns

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