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Let's be honest, we're all looking for satisfaction and fulfillment. Regardless in what arena or area of life, we all want what we want. But perhaps you suffer, like many in life, with the lack of believing you really can have what you want, or maybe you have no idea how to make it happen, or what's getting in your way of having it.  I bet you've even been extremely successful in areas or times in your life, but there's still an aspect of life and living that eludes you, if not completely pisses you off.


Are you ready to RECTIFY vs. just PACIFY?

When you're ready to move beyond the bravado, facades and the identities you've created to "make it" in the world, I'll meet you in the safe, powerful space that will allow you to not only evolve yourself, but revolutionize your entire relationship paradigm. Imagine - EXTRAORDINARY. That's what we're talking here. Everything you want, desire and need comes from WITHIN YOU and flows THROUGH you. That "you" is beyond the stories and repressed expression that life may have caused you to put in place for all the reasons it did. But keeping it in place is detrimental, destructive and above all else, inauthentic. Think "toxic masculinity" and "bat-shit crazy female". 

I have a God-given gift to help you find within you what's needing to be revealed, reviewed, released and restored in a potent and loving way. But no one else is responsible for you having or cultivating this liberation, but you. The sooner you can choose to stop buying the bullshit stories that have been handed down for generations, and choose to re-write the ones you've been living from that are not longer serving you, the sooner you are living the most important reverent relationship there is. The one with Y-O-U. From there, everything opens up. Powerfully.

My sweet spot for success with my highly successful, immensely powerful clients is helping them:

  • Have a safe, sacred space to share anything and everything - without judgment or expecation;

  • Understand who they truly are (not who they've come to believe they are) & how to thrive most easily;

  • Find the core, elemental things that stand in the way of Extraordinary - everything;

  • Learn to access, honor and feel ALL their feelings, utilizing them for the wisdom they hold; 

  • Gain practical information and knowledge to implement for greater clarity and freedom in all areas of life;

  • Identify emotional inaccuracies that keep their hearts and souls-desires from manifesting;

  • Help put an end to the "toxic masculinity" paradigm and help contribute to something greater;

  • Design a life of deeply fulfilling, soul-satisfying connection with self and others;

  • End "settling" for anything less than everything they truly desire and living the most reverent relationship of all;

  • Changing their entire lives through the doorway of cleaning up any outdated BS stories that have got to go;

  • Evolving & instituting reverent leadership in their own lives, families and communities.

" I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget

what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

(Maya Angelou)

Rhonda's Ideal Clients:

  • Have REALLY BIG F-*ING dreams & desires;
  • Are Powerful, Potent and Successful AF, but know there's another gear/level/way more possible;
  • Committed to life-long growth & learning;
  • Willing to take responsibility for the quality of their lives & invest appropriately to up-level often;
  • Tenacious seekers in the pursuit of way more;
  • Desire to get real with themselves - knowing, liking & trusting themselves most authentically - beyond societal definitions/norms;
  • Take feedback, direction & appropriate inspired action;
  • Badass leaders that empower, educate & share;
  • Aware of Law of Attraction, Ask & It Is Given;
  • Often care deeply, but have been hardended by life and bought bravado as the cool face to wear-until now;
  • Curious, courageous, creative & committed to change that makes waves;
  • Want much deeper, authentic connection with self and others - beyond bravado & past posturing;
  • Value fun, pleasure & laughter & loves a good time.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, Rhonda works with her clients in powerful, private transformation coaching and mentoring sessions, tailoring time, energy and resources according to the needs of the individual in a 3, 6- month or 1-Year Coaching Relationship. No two sessions are the same and neither are any two individuals. There is NO subject material off limits, so Rhonda encourages her clients to come into their sessions with anything and everything they have a burning desire to know or speak about. Coaching sessions are primarily by phone and sometimes via video conferencing, available internationally (outside the U.S.). There is no one formula, as there is no one-size-fits-all for this process. 

Upon completion of your clarity consultation, should it be a great fit for you and for Rhonda, she will explain in detail the investment information, how we'll tailor your time initially, all your options and all payment-related questions. (If you're not interested in making a powerful investment in yourself, you can turn away now. Potent integration & life-altering upgrades, effective change and moving into extraordinary in every area of life takes a grateful investment; and 3-month to 12-month packages range from $3,200 - $11,500; worth every penny and more.To learn more about Rhonda's background, her journey, education & experience, please visit the "ABOUT" page here, her "Story" page here or her Testimonials here.


No matter where you are, Rhonda can indeed help you, showing you how to powerfully help yourself. It's closer and easier than you might think. Rhonda has and always is a "safe place" to land which helps make the "scary and hard stuff" easier. Contact Rhonda today to explore your possibilities.


The reverent, satisfying, truly peaceful and titillating relationships aka EXTRAORDINARY, you've always wanted are up to you. Ready to begin?

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