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Let's be honest, we're all looking for satisfaction and fulfillment. And guess what? You CAN have it & you're DESIGNED to have it! Coaching with me helps you get really clear on what's standing in the way of you having your most epic life, love, health and wealth. 

When you're ready to move beyond the bravado, facades and the identities you've created to "make it" in the world, I'll meet you in the safe, powerful space that will allow you to not only evolve yourself, but revolutionize your entire life paradigm. To become the P.U.R.E. You (powerfully unlimited revolutionary energy) you are here to BE & to THRIVE as. 


Imagine - EXTRAORDINARY. That's what we're talking here. Everything you want, desire and need comes from WITHIN YOU and flows THROUGH you. That "you" is beyond the stories and repressed expression that life may have caused you to put in place for all the reasons it did. But keeping it in place is detrimental, destructive and above all else, inauthentic. 

I have a G.O.D.- designed gift to help you find within you what's needing to be revealed, reviewed, released and restored in a potent and loving way. I also don't just help you improve your life, I teach the fundamentals of how we are each, uniquely meant to create in our own way, so you can consistently do so on your own, in any situation and at any time.


But no one else is responsible for you having or cultivating this liberation, but you. The sooner you can choose to stop buying, perpetrating and re-living the stories that have been in place for sometimes generations, and you choose to re-write the ones you've been living from that are no longer serving you, the sooner you are living the most powerful and purely Uncommon Confidence you could ever imagine. From there, everything opens up. Powerfully.​

"Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion."


Rhonda's Ideal Clients:

  • Have REALLY BIG F-*ING dreams & desires and an even bigger heart;
  • Are successful, but know there's another gear/level/way more possible and know they must go for it;
  • HUNGRY for what else is available & possible;
  • Committed to life-long growth & learning;
  • Willing to take responsibility for the quality of their lives & invest appropriately to up-level often;
  • Desire to get real with themselves - knowing, liking & trusting themselves most authentically - beyond societal definitions/norms;
  • Take feedback, direction & appropriate inspired action;
  • Committed to living by deliberate creation & teaching others the fundamentals they learn/know;
  • Amazing leaders that empower, educate & share;
  • Aware of Law of Attraction, Ask & It Is Given;
  • Care deeply, but have repressed the innate loving nature and instead "posture and mask" to somehow survive the pressure of life;
  • Curious, courageous, creative & committed to change that makes waves, impact & influence;
  • Want much deeper, authentic connection with self and others - beyond bravado & past posturing;
  • Devoted to living as the Divine Expression of who they came here to be;
  • Value fun, pleasure & laughter & loves a good time.
  • Open to new 'systems/modalities' that help them become more of their P.U.R.E. self.

My sweet spot for success with my beautiful clients is helping them:

  • Have a safe, sacred space to share anything and everything - without judgment or expectation - you've never met anyone more open & accepting of it ALL;

  • Understand who they truly are (not who they've come to believe they are) & how to thrive most easily in their perfectly unique way as their RIGHT & REAL IDENTITY aka P.U.R.E Design;

  • Find the core, elemental things that stand in the way of Uncommon Confidence;

  • Learn to access, honor and feel ALL their feelings, utilizing them for the wisdom they hold; 

  • Reveal the hidden truths at the core that must be recognized in order to liberate their pure power;

  • Identify emotional and energy inaccuracies that keep their heart and soul-desires from manifesting with consistency and graceful elegance;

  • Design a life of deeply fulfilling, soul-satisfying connection with self and others;

  • Learn more intimately about who they are by design, and how to live and thrive best by design;

  • Come into powerful self-realization, self-responsibility and exquisite self-expression so life meets them with the desires of their heart & soul much more enjoyably.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, I work with my clients in powerful, private transformation coaching and mentoring sessions, tailoring time, energy and resources according to the needs of the individual in a 3, 6, or 9- month Coaching Relationship.


No two sessions are the same and neither are any two individuals. There is NO subject material off limits, so I encourage my clients to come into their sessions with anything and everything they have a burning desire to know or speak about. Coaching sessions are primarily by phone and sometimes via video conferencing, available internationally (outside the U.S.). There is no one formula, as there is no one-size-fits-all for this process. 

Upon completion of your free discovery consultation, should it be a great fit for you and for me, I will explain in detail the investment information, how we'll tailor your time initially, all your options and all payment-related questions. (If you're not interested in making a powerful investment in yourself, you can turn away now. Potent integration & life-altering upgrades, effective & lasting transformation and moving into extraordinary in every area of life takes a grateful investment; and 3-month to 9-month packages range from $3,600 - $10,000; click here to see more details. However, DO NOT let money be your excuse to not take the next leap - especially if you feel now is your time to go "all in". Sliding scales are available. Let's discuss your needs). To learn more about my background, my journey, education & experience, please visit the "About" page here, or a few of my Testimonials here.


No matter where you are, I can indeed help you, showing you how to powerfully help yourself. It's closer and easier than you might think. I have always been a "safe place" to land which helps make the "scary and hard stuff" easier. Contact me today to explore your possibilities.

Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns

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