"Dear Momma' Rhonda"


Remember column advice-givers Dear Abby & Ann Landers?


How about Dr. Ruth or "Talk Sex with Sue Johanson" (Canada)?


Well, I'm NOT them, but I'm a blend of them and then some!  


After a lifetime of people telling me how much they appreciate the candid, honest, compassionate, loving and helpful feedback, advice and wisdom I share with them that has deep impact, no matter who I'm with, I thought it was high time to finally put out a broader option for people to seek some general life support!

I truly do love to help people get clarity, relief and ultimately, freedom! It's one of my most favorite things and I have an uncanny knack (core genius), of being able to get down to the root concerns and uncover the truth needed to truly help/shift.

But here's the thing that I know is one of my primary drivers:

I'm not just responding to the "problem" for the moment. I'm getting UNDER the hood, so-to-speak, addressing it for the individual in the moment, but I'm also 100% about transforming it for the generation AND the lifetimes before and after us. Because I know that EVERY SINGLE TIME we truly alter a belief about ourselves, and we return to the WHOLENESS of who we are, we do it for the entire cosmic family - whether you believe in that or not!

No subject is off limits and if you're open to me sharing your questions publicly (names and specific details changed to protect the identity of those writing in), then I'll answer them in personal email form directly back to you, include it on the blog and eventually, may do a video blog as well. 

Because this is my contribution to you at no cost, it's another way I share my gifts with those seeking true liberation and freedom. For those who desire to support this and the projects I'm building in the philanthropic realm, please jump on over to this page to share a love donation or donor gift that will go to helping others who might be having a financially tough time hiring a professional coach or service provider. 

I look forward to receiving your questions and let's have some fun helping you get relief and satisfaction while also assisting others reading in the process! 

Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns


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