After a lifetime of observing and studying relationships in all their various forms with well over 20,000 hours of focus, and over a decade of in-depth research, it's more obvious than ever the levels of "settling, mediocrity and status-quo" that most people tolerate for themselves where relationships are concerned. And in my opinion, it's wreaking havoc in ways you may not even begin to understand or be aware of yet.  We aren't designed to live for extended periods in those states, but it's definitely a choice and a conditioned way of being for the majority of people.

"The most reverent relationship we can cultivate is the one with ourselves."  

It's unfortunate  that society, families and cultures have done such a piss-poor job of adequately and in a well-rounded way, helping people understand the nature of who they are and how they naturally create everything in their lives, as well as not supporting them in the management of their emotional maturation, intelligence and competence.  By squelching their natural tendencies to move emotions through and self-regulate with those vitally important, nature-made, course-correcting energies (aka emotions), we now have generations and legions of people, especially men, who are completely out of touch with this aspect of themselves and the gap grows larger between people because of it. 


Not to mention the rampant demand for outlets (many extreme) to deal with unresolved and unknown emotions is increasing because there are long-running stories (more like sagas) for people that pushes them to strive, strain, force, effort, distract, deflect and seek relief in whatever ways they can to find some level of reprieve and to feel "ok" .  Think....extreme sports, extreme fitness, excessive porn,  extreme kinks and fetishes, substance abuse, random and superficial hook-ups, and the list goes on to deal with unresolved stories under the surface like, "I'm not love-able, I'm not worthy, I'm not valuable, I wasn't seen or heard, No one cares, etc.".​


Rather than continuing to recreate bad behavior, dis-empowered thinking and unkind relationships, what if now is the time that we each end the perpetration of all the outdated and antiquated ways? Imagine the future we make available to ourselves and others when we are willing to change it all in whatever ways we can.


There is a much greater and more reverent way, and I'm here to help.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, I can tell you that if there's one thing I'm built for, it's to meet people exactly where they are, hold a sacred container of zero judgment and go to whatever levels are necessary to help them free themselves with strong, steadfast, practical and powerful support and guidance. NOTHING is off limits in the quest for total liberation to live out your absolute best life - in every single area. And until those closeted "demons & dragons" that take on a life of their own in the dark are addressed and transformed, they find their way into everyday life scenarios that can wreak havoc and derail life, love and so much more-even after living years of great "success". 


I envision a world of deeply reverent - EXTRAORDINARY - relationships and it starts with a personal decision. If you're ready to consider the possibilities for yourself - to become a powerful steward of your heart and soul's desires (not the ego or the mind's), I invite you to schedule a complimentary clarity consult with me to see if we'd be an ideal fit for coaching. There's no need to put it off another day. There is a global movement of heart-opening, emotionally authentic, loving passionate people in the world tending to their emotional landscapes who are looking for other like-minded souls, so tending to yours and moving into mastery will serve not only you, but each and every one of us.  

I look forward to knowing you. 

With warmest regards, 


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