A deeply caring and obnoxiously grateful single momma, travel and “likes-to-go-fast” joyrider, RHONDA BURNS is more formally known as a dynamically different leading-edge Lover of All,  Uncommon Catalyst, Life Coach & Whole-Life Liberator. She also does some writing when the spirit strikes, loves to answer questions covering any subject on people's hearts and minds via "Dear Momma Rhonda" and is working on Philanthropic plans to help ensure home-and-financially challenged individuals have amazing, supportive communities to live and thrive in; especially single parents.

She's got  an uncanny knack  for hauling all the off-limits, out-of-bounds stuff, especially taboo & "dirty" subjects, out of the shadows and dropping them at center stage, so we can look at, learn about, demystify and decode every effin' bit of it. Because above all else, Rhonda knows the truth at the heart of it all truly IS what sets us free. With her special sauce being the "truth whisperer", she'll help you find what's keeping you from your liberation. 

Welcome to UNCENSORED & UNFILTERED...Uncommonly Confident - Rhonda Burns style: the place to give those unknown and unspoken Emotions & Needs their VOICE, so you can have the legendary life + love + health + wealth & whole-life well-being you not only crave, but that is your birthright.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

- Joseph Campbell

A playful, loving, cheeky truth-teller who unearths the energies and beliefs that keep desires in the way of liberating truth, Rhonda uses intuition, humor, curiosity, energy interpretation and practiced masterful inquiry to crack open anything and everything required to learn, grow, understand, release and rock a sexy-fucking life. The sexiest. 

Rhonda helps - in only the way Rhonda can:

The Ultimate Release of the PURE YOU that You

(& the world) Have Been Waiting For.

For more than 25+ years, Rhonda has studied, trained and practiced in many traditional, spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and personal development programs, schools and courses. Her formal education includes:

  • A BA in Journalism

  • A minor in Radio/Television/Film

  • Certified coach training from ICF accredited Coach Inc.


Having invested many thousands of hours and dollars in study, revelation and understanding of various principles, philosophies and leading-edge conscious thought, and in excess of 20,000 hours in the study and research of sex and relationships, some of the tools and techniques Rhonda has utilized with her hundreds of clients in the last 10+ years:

  • Law of Attraction: Teachings of Abraham-Hicks

  • Channeled Energy Dynamic Transmutations (proprietary)

  • Scientific Hand Analysis

  • Life Purpose Mastery 

  • Human Design; Gene Keys 

  • Access Consciousness Bars® & Body Processes (former CF)

  • The Work, Byron Katie

  • Ho'Opononpono

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping)


Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns


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