[Resurrecting LIFE FIRE & DESIRE so your SEX + INTIMACY + RELATIONSHIPS + BODY burn at the right temp for YOU. The Evolution & Spiritually-Accurate Education recovering religious* girls & guys have been looking for.  *Any highly conditioned belief system, actually.]

Rhonda Burns helps you AWAKEN & UNDERSTAND the

necessity of your FEELINGS & DESIRES to DESIGN

your EVERYTHING, so you FLOURISH, not flounder. 

(S_E_X + Intimacy + Relationships + Body + Life + Finances) 


As you are mulling it all over, I'll ask you this:

What does SEX mean to you? 

What does INTIMACY mean to you?

What does RELATIONSHIP mean to you?   

Is your BODY your Best Friend or a Mortal Enemy?

Who's model for these have you copied & are living out?

How's that all REALLY working for you?

How do each of these topics FEEL to you?

What comes up for you when you read & think about them?

If you had NO ideas, beliefs, identities, models, or understanding of any of it,

how do you believe you would BE, ACT, CREATE & LIVE when it comes to


Thanks for being here! (You are one sexy, beautiful beast, you know that?)

If you know you're ready for your discovery session (the prerequisite to working together), or you're curious to learn more, I'd love for you to please let me know. Cool? 

I am here to work with you to ensure you become more of you, having more of what you want and creating life on your unique terms. I will make myself available to those asking for what they need and being willing to have it. 

From quick questions, to booking a free, 20-minute complimentary discovery call, you can EMAIL ME HERE. 

I am only opening private sessions for those I feel are ready. We can discuss that if you are curious. Just email me. And if we don't connect now, please just know how very valuable and important you are. Your time, attention and presence here is valuable gold. I adore you. I hope you adore you too.




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