Welcome, GORGEOUS!

I'm so glad you're here.

Listen, my style is to get right to the heart of a matter - to the point, so before I share

the typical website "spiel" so you fall in love with all the delightfully right things and 

the pretty pictures that paint a canvas just the way you need to help you say 'yes',

here's what I want you to read, see, hear and feel (let's keep it real-we all want the

bottom line): 

I get results. I help my clients get what they really want & need. Period.


They tend to make more money, attract love, stop hating & start adoring their bodies

improve their health, deepen their relationships, create business in their

unique and perfectly designed ways, strengthen their spiritual and energetic

gifts, not just drop their emotional baggage, but transmute it for their entire ancestry,

and generally up-level their entire lives - waaaay more easily and simply because

of who they become more of. 

As an UNCOMMON LIFE COACH & WHOLE-LIFE LIBERATOR, I'm here to help you get out of your Identity Crisis - because honey, if your life isn't humming along and feeling good to you, you're probably in one!


I not only reveal every emotional truth standing in the way of your deepest desired Life & Love; especially the stuff you've hidden for a lifetime, but I'm here to educate, empower & equip you to know and embody who you truly are (not who life conditioned you to be), so you can lock into your pure core identity and set your focus in the most effective place for the most efficient & enjoyable success possible! (I don't like the slow/hard way - been there/done that & I share a little about my journey here!)

Diggin' this so far? Want to know more? Dive in and I'll share more info so you can make a powerful, well-informed decision for yourself. If you got what you needed, I'm just happy you stopped by. Remember, my "door" is always open and I'd love to contribute to you and your personal liberation if you're ever led this way again. 

Be sure to enjoy those shenanigans out there and be really good to yourself, k? 



Now What, Rhonda?











A Few Facts About Me:

  • I'm the gal who will stand in a fire & face the fear with anyone afraid to do it alone;

  • I'm definitely the one you want in a crisis - I'm unshakable - like FO' REALZ;

  • There's no place to hide with me (my secret sauce and core genius), so I won't let you hide the treasure that will actually set you free;

  • I'm insatiably curious  & an incessant experiential learner who loves joyrides, shenanigans & a damn good Crème brûlée;

  • Kids have my heart & I'm all about empowering them with the wisdom for aligned & artful success I learned the hard way;

  • I caught a hockey puck one-handed at an NHL game while holding a corn dog in the other (priorities, I tell ya');

  • I spent a lifetime suppressing my natural gifts and fearing being the natural Uncommon Leader I am - to the point it almost killed me (resistant much?);

  • I'm the #bme (best mom ever) to an amazing young teen who teaches me as much as I teach him;

  • I'm an energy wizard who senses subtle energy/emotional discord & conflict that keeps people stuck in difficulty & struggle for years;

  • As much as I dig a hella' great pair of heels, I'm a casual barefoot baby (thank goodness for pedicures);

  • I can almost guarantee when you expect me to 'Zig', I'm going to 'Zag' (flair, baby!)

  • I am designed to test and try a LOT of things, then distill it all down into a simpler, more practical and effective new thing, process, system, etc. (I'm all about improvement/efficiency)

I'm AKA a:

Minx, Heretic, &

Rebel with a Cause


Here's Something for You, Gorgeous!

"Minxy Mama"

Rhonda Burns


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